Equine Facilities Impact Communities in More Ways than One

By Kylene Scott

One facility has been in the same location for more than 100 years. Another for close to 20 years and one more is just getting its feet wet. For three places that host equine events in southwest Kansas, the impact on their communities can be measured in a couple of ways.

Many equine enthusiasts and competitors travel to events around their local areas while others criss-cross the country competing. When they travel, they need food, fuel, feed for the gorses and hotel rooms. Some bring shopping lists when they travel to bigger cities and stock up on necessities before or after they compete.

In it’s 2017 Economic Impact Study, the American Horse Council found the U.S. equine industry generates approximately $122 billion in total economic impact, up from $102 billion in a 2005 study.

“Those involved in the equine industry already know how important it is to the U.S economy,” AHC President Julie Broadway said in a press release. “Having these updated numbers is critical not only to the AHC’s efforts up on Capitol Hill, but also for the industry to demonstrate to the general public how much of a role the equine has in American households.”

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